Retail knowledge and hashish merchandise to spice up your 420 IQ

Although 420 has become a national holiday for consumers, it is usually a very busy day for cannabis retailers. For operators and managers looking to maximize their profits next week, make sure you have exactly what your customers and patients are looking for. We have insightful data from leading industry authorities including Headset, Leaflink, I Heart Jane, Springbig, Lantern, and Ganja Goddess Cannabis products to prepare for the big day.


Headset analyzed data in both the US and Canada to determine which product categories saw the largest increase in average daily sales in the week leading up to April 20 (April 14-20) of last year. In the US, beverages (54 percent), topical products (41 percent), and concentrates (41 percent) saw the greatest growth. Canadian consumers were trending on topics in large numbers in the week leading up to last year’s 420 holidays (up 131 percent). Concentrates were also popular (up 50 percent), followed by vape pens (up 14 percent).

Based on the results from Headset, retailers may want to consider these products for the next week:

Nectr infused mineral water
Nectr-infused sparkling water is a cannabis-infused sparkling water with no sugar. Each serving size contains only one calorie and is gluten-free. It’s a low-dose THC product that should be ideal for all consumers. Nectr offers a variety of flavors including watermelon, orange cream, Pamplemousse and lemon-lime.

Dosage: 10 mg per bottle
Locations: California.


CannaPunch Nordic Goddess Infused Body Balm
This 1: 1 CBD: THC body balm combines plant extracts and medicinal herbs and is designed to moisturize the skin while providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. According to the company, its proprietary nano-extraction technology “breaks down the cannabinoids at the molecular level, improving absorption into the skin for maximum relief.”

Wholesale: [email protected]; (303) 242-6643.
Main Ingredients: Shea butter, tropical coconut oil, cocoa butter.
Dosage: 250 mg CBD, 250 mg THC per 2 ounce glass.
Locations: Colorado.


Oakland extracts GMO sugar
This Sugar Concentrate from Oakland Extracts is made from GMO or Garlic Mushroom Onion Biscuits, a potent indica with a unique terpene profile that gives it an earthy flavor with a sweet aftertaste. The company uses one-stop cannabis from small, local farms and a proprietary terpene retention technique in all of its concentrate formulations.

Power: 73.47 percent THC.
Locations: California.


LeafLink studies US sales for the full month up to 420. Last year, the company saw sales declined 9 percent across its market for that period. However, it did so after three months when the average growth rate was 12 percent. This could be related to consumers stocking up in anticipation of COVID-19-related shutdowns. LeafLink also saw sales surge near 420, with sales increasing in the weeks from April 6th to 13th by 18 percent and 14 percent respectively. According to LeafLink data, flower was the most popular product category with 420 (30 percent of all sales). This was followed by cartridges (28 percent) and packaged flowers (16 percent).

Here are 420 product suggestions based on LeafLink’s findings:


James Henry SF Granimals
Granimals is an indica-dominant combination of Grape Pie x Animal Cookies. The indoor strain comes from the generation of artisanal, sustainable cultivators in Humboldt County, California, and offers a “sweet but bold nose with hints of citrus and lavender that go well with its buttery-sweet taste”.

Power: 22 percent THC.
Locations: California.


Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Cartridges
Green Lotus cartridges are made from full-spectrum organic hemp extract grown in Colorado and come in six pre-filled flavor combinations: strawberry-kiwi, blueberry-passion fruit, pineapple-tangerine, orange-blackberry, mango-banana, and watermelon-grape. Each 510 thread cartridge has an all-ceramic coil that delivers smooth, aromatic vapor, while a four-hole inlet ensures optimal performance.

Dosage: 250 mg CBD per 500 ml cartridge.
Locations: Nationwide.

I love jane

I Heart Jane compared its market sales in the week of April 20, 2020 to the same week in 2019 and 2018. Compared to an average day in 2018 or 2019, I Heart Jane found that the sales were in the week doubled from 420 last year. Sales for the entire week up to 420 were 35 percent above the regular weeks in the previous two years. Sales of 420 in 2018 and 2019 were 167 percent higher than sales on average days. Flowers, vapes, pre-rolls, and groceries saw the largest increase in sales compared to 420 purchases in previous years.

Retailers should check the following:


3C Farms Club 33 floor
Club 33 is 3C Farms’ in-house cut from the Original OG Kush, a world-famous strain with ancestors from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. The modern form of OG Kush comes from a strain that was bred in the 90s and has mothered almost every iteration of the Kush strains since then. Club 33 is “pure indica, rich and pine-like with forest green buds and deep taste.” Available in 1 / 8g, 1g and pre-rolls.

Power: 29.4 percent THC.
Locations: California.


Nuvata Mind Body Vapes
Nuvata’s Mind Body line of disposable vape pens is made from high-terpene cannabis oil with a natural flavor in a 9: 1 THC: CBD ratio. The series comprises six experience-based formulations, each with a complementary taste profile. The varieties include Full Mind (strawberry), Mind Dominant (mandarin), Mind Balance (tropical), Body Balance (lime), Body Dominant (blueberry) and Full Body (wild grape).

Wholesale:; [email protected]
Power: From 65 percent THC, depending on the formula.
Locations: California.


Pre-rolls infused with Stiiizy Liiit Live Resin
Stiiizy’s Liiit brand 1g pre-rolls are made from indoor-grown flowers infused with stem-specific live resin and then coated with kief prior to packaging in individual glass tubes. The collection includes three varieties in each of the three varieties. Indica: Stiiizy OG (flower) / rocket fuel (mixed with living resin), Stiiizy Rosay / SFV, white raspberry / rocket fuel. Sativa: Banana Split / Orange Popsicle, Orange Cream / Orange Popsicle, Circa / Orange Popsicle. Hybrid: Stiiizy Pink Acai / Zkittles Cake, Blue Burst / GG4, Sour Apple / GG4.

Wholesale: [email protected]
Locations: California, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona.


Springbig saw its 420 sales grow 200 percent between 2018 and 2019. In 2020, however, that number was significantly lower as the Springbig data only showed a 50 percent increase in sales compared to 2019. Nevada did not see a surge in tourism sales during the coronavirus pandemic, likely due to a shortage. Maine, Connecticut and the Washington DC area saw sales decline 15 percent, according to Springbig, which is also related to the pandemic. Colorado, California, and Washington State saw sales increase on April 20, but at a lower level compared to 2019.


Lantern operates an e-commerce cannabis delivery platform in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Colorado. In the week of April 20, 2020, the company recorded a sales increase of 180 percent compared to the previous week. Flower was king (54 percent of all sales) while vapes made up 22 percent of sales. Edibles ranked third (15 percent of all sales), while concentrates (6 percent) and themes (1 percent) were at the bottom of the list.

Retailers may be interested in:


Cookies honey buns
Bred by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics from Gelatti and Honey B strains, Honey Bun is a potent hybrid strain known for its creamy, sweet flavor profile and happy, uplifting high. The buds are light green and yellow with bright orange hairs and a coating of frost white crystal trichomes.

Wholesale: (844) 471-0090
Power: 25 percent THC.
Locations: Washington, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, Michigan.


O.pen Vape Hero Grown Patriotic 2.0
Together with Hero Grown, an organization that gives American heroes access to safe alternatives to pharmacy prescriptions, these O.pen vapes are available in two special designs: American Flag and Camouflage. Each 510 thread battery has four voltage modes and includes a 20-minute USB quick charger. With a lifetime guarantee.

Wholesale: (720) 726-6507


Lost Farm Live Resin Chews
The Live Resin Chews from Lost Farm have a firm and taffy-like texture and are 100 percent mixed with living resin. Each pack contains ten strain-specific foods with 10 mg THC per piece. Debut flavors and their corresponding flavors include: Watermelon (flavor) / Gelato (variety), Blueberry / Blue Dream, and Limited Edition Key Lime / Lemon Meringue.

Wholesale: [email protected]; (855) 510-5482
Dosage: 10 mg THC per serving, 100 mg THC per pack.
Locations: California.

Ganja goddess

Ganja Goddess, an online cannabis marketplace in California, found retailers saw a significant increase in sales on April 20 last year. Overall, the data showed a 148 percent increase in sales for the week of 420 year over year and an increase of 188 percent year over year on the day of the year. Ganja Goddess recorded a huge 265 percent increase in sales for the week of 420 compared to 2019 new consumers. Ganja Goddess believes the increases are related to COVID-19 lockdowns and consumers looking to stock up on cannabis products.

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