Senate Democrats and President Biden are usually not on the identical aspect as hashish reform

Senate Democrats are expected to introduce laws legalizing marijuana at the federal level in the coming weeks. This was one of the party’s main goals, as it won a majority in both chambers last November. Democratic President Joe Biden doesn’t seem that excited about such bold jumps in the pot reform area, however.

Last week, Biden fired five employees over drug disclosure inconsistencies, and now insiders say he doesn’t want to use marijuana as part of his campaign platform because he thought it would cause him to lose to Trump. Buckle up America, there will be a Fustercluck soon.

Stacey Walker, a Linn County, Iowa, regulatory agency who was part of a task force that helped develop Biden’s criminal justice platform during its campaign, just released one Video Call him about his anti-pot views. He says Biden was so concerned that helping marijuana legalization would result in him losing the election, that he just didn’t want to take the risk.

Though task force members showed him survey data and assured him that “Americans are for such a progressive move,” Biden thought it was a bunch of malarkey and refused to board. “President Biden wanted to do more research before making a decision,” said Walker.

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This kind of political gimmick is nothing new. Over the decades, we’ve gotten used to presidents neglecting the issue of federal legalization of marijuana. Obama did it. Trump too. And now, despite all his comments that “nobody should be in jail for smoking marijuana,” Biden has also joined the club where the president avoids the issue of cannabis at all costs.

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Walker said Biden’s position on cannabis has not changed since winning the 2020 election. Sure, he still supports decriminalization, the abolition of past beliefs, and continues to allow states to legalize the paper at their own discretion. But he is unlikely to get behind a push towards national legalization. Why? Presumably so that he doesn’t lose his offer for re-election.

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Meanwhile, the Senate Democrats are on the rise Take the chance to legalize weeds this year. It is unclear whether they will simply ignore Biden’s apparent opposition and try to see how far they can take him, or if they have a plan to get the president to go along with their plan. Perhaps they realize that at this point, the least of their worries is getting the president a cannabis bill.

Even though Democrats have a majority in Congress, there are still so many obstacles, including the controversial filibuster, that could prevent a cannabis proposal from being passed. Like it or not, they need Republican support to get a Senate marijuana bill, and Mitch McConnell, Senate minority chairman won’t allow that. He is ready to disable the upper chamber if Democrats become villains to advance their agenda.

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While it may be difficult to get Senate Democrats and President Biden on the same page on cannabis reform, the real challenge will be getting a bill to the point where the President can interfere. Even so, we’re still waiting for Biden to deliver on his cannabis-related campaign promises. He said months ago that he was expanding the possibilities of cannabis research and was all in favor of downgrading marijuana to a less restrictive timeline for the Controlled Substances Act.

While these moves could be viewed as modest reforms, enforcing them would show America that, while continuing to spread outdated ideas, Biden is not just a brave liar and remains somewhat open to changing national pot politics. There’s no reason the new government can’t make changes this year.

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