Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer says nationwide marijuana reform is underway

Nationwide marijuana reform will get some attention in 2021.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, the new king of Capitol Hill, says cannabis will get a fair shake this year once the session gets underway. Although the Senate faced some problems when Schumer and minority leader Mitch McConnell tried to negotiate a power-sharing deal, those problems seem largely resolved and the upper chamber will finally work. While there are many important issues that need to be addressed early on, marijuana reform remains a high priority for Democrats in 2021, according to Schumer.

During one current interview With MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Schumer hinted that this reform would be part of a much larger racial justice initiative. “There is a lot to do and we have to be successful,” he said. In contrast to Schumer’s comments last yearLegislation is unlikely to require full legalization of marijuana legalization. Instead, it will likely follow the Democratic Party’s platform saying they will “decriminalize marijuana use and reschedule it through federal executive action”. It also says they will campaign for the legalization of medical marijuana and will continue to allow states to do their thing regarding adult use.

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It looks like cannabis advocates could expect at least some humble pot reforms to be debated in Congress this year. Early on, there were concerns that the slim majority of Democrats in Congress might keep progress from taking shape. Part of the problem is that Democrats still need Republican votes to get anywhere. They lost some spaces in the house which made it a little harder for them to control the space. And the Senate is split 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris being the tiebreaker.

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As it hurts to say the Democrats are going to need it Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to gather the Republican votes necessary to approve something substantial. Whether he’ll play ball remains to be seen. McConnell has stated that the two parties need to work together, but his stance may change if something related to pot is presented to him. It’s no secret that McConnell loathes marijuana.

in addition, President Biden will likely be pretty strict about what pot-related measures he’ll leave behind. He is unlikely to support full legalization. Still, the president seems more than eager to endorse laws that address racial justice. He said during his campaign that he doesn’t believe anyone should go to jail for a pot. Therefore, if Congress manages to get a bill on its desk, the decriminalization of marijuana will surely be signed.

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Although Vice President Harris is an advocate of ending the ban, she has said she would not pressure Biden to stand on her side. We should probably expect the federal government to take small steps in this increasingly common area if it can find a way to get anything at all. But America wants change. Some of the latest Gallup polls show that more than 60% of the population believe that marijuana should be taxed and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol.

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