Seth Rogen on creating his personal hashish line and the satisfaction of ceramics

There are a few select celebrities that spring to mind when you think of weed, and Seth Rogen is likely one of them. The actor, producer, screenwriter and director has practically been a spokesman for substance since the beginning of his expansive career and has casually changed the perception of stoners through his cinematic work over the past two decades. But in the not too distant future, it could very well become more recognizable for its off-screen effects on cannabis and ceramics.

In 2019, Rogen Houseplant introduced the weed world, which was developed in collaboration with his longtime friend and colleague Evan Goldberg. This week the brand launched a nifty collection of housewares alongside the launch of its own strains Diablo Wind, Pancake Ice (both sativas) and Pink Mom (indica).

But perhaps most excitingly for those of you keeping your eyes on Rogen’s burgeoning passion for pottery, is that Houseplant sells ceramics: Rogen led the design for the ashtray set, the release of which is accompanied by a block table lighter and vinyl box set . (You can actually watch him wedge, throw, trim, fire, and glaze the clay by hand to make the ashtray in this step-by-step tutorial.) All of the limited edition pieces range between affordable and accessible with an atmosphere that feels down-to-earth, that’s exactly what you would expect from Rogen.

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