Six Canadian presents for the hashish lover in your life

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If you’re looking for something new, try the Hippy Papers, made from a natural blend of flaxseed and hemp, resulting in a composition similar to rice paper. Canadian Lumber describes the papers as “soft to the touch with a pinch of texture” which makes rolling easier.

Try all three Canadian Lumber Roll Papers for $ 9.00. /. Photo from Canadian Lumber Instagram

Doob tubes from Goodwood

Made in the heart of the Niagara region of Ontario, Goodwood designs and manufactures wooden cannabis accessories. The doob tubes stylized as 2OOB are available in different variants, including walnut, maple and padauk. They can be individually engraved with text or images. A tube holds two full-size joints and protects them from the elements no matter where you go. For every 2OOB sold, Goodwood plants two trees.

Goodwood’s 2OOB starts at $ 24.99. /. Photo from Goodwood Instagram

ZEUS Arc GT vaporizer from TVape

TVape, a Canadian / German online distributor, wholesaler and retailer of vaporizers and accessories, is the exclusive distributor of ZEUS Arsenal products. This includes the portable high-performance vape ZEUS Arc GT. With a size of only nine centimeters, the slim and light vaporizer offers a high punch and is easy to use, as only one button supplies the device with power.

Users can cycle through three heating levels and shake the device to determine battery life. Equipped with an accelerometer, the steam shows the charge through its LED lights.

Developed in Germany, the device has a gold vapor path to “effectively transfer heat to your herbs, cool the steam before it hits your lips and avoid hot spots by distributing the heat evenly over the device’s body.”

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