Smokin ‘Sizzling Hashish Merchandise in Inventory for Valentine’s Day Present

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, creating a long weekend for lovers to celebrate Love’s Day. What does this mean for retail? Traditionally, restaurants and live events have been booked out for Valentine’s Day, red dresses have been put up for sale, and Instagram has been bombarded with suggestion pictures from exotic locations. This year probably won’t be traditional.

Always a holiday favorite, cut flowers can see a decline in sales as consumers enjoy sending these supplies to work addresses during the week. This way your sweetheart can show off a little. Nobody is in the office on a Sunday, let alone during the pandemic (although everything that has been delivered is booming during the COVID-19 lockdown, especially due to social distancing).

But cannabis flower and others Cannabis products may offer the perfect solution: an intimate gift to enjoy at home or on a secluded weekend getaway – what could be nicer than livening up the mood with a few high quality, pampering items?

Perhaps one can have the ultimate V-Day cannabis experience Las Vegaswhere the world’s largest pharmacy and cannabis supermarket Planet 13 will present holiday-themed products. Last year’s event featured a variety of Valentine’s Day treats, including Hervé THC-infused macarons and other sweet foods.

At the local level, many small vendors are hoping that Valentine’s Day will steer some retail lovers in their direction. It could be a good time to partner with local pharmacy-friendly restaurants, bakeries, chocolatiers, florists, or bed and breakfasts to contribute to a holiday raffle. Ticket sales benefit a local grocery bank, GoFundMe campaign, or non-profit organization.

It’s the right time to highlight groceries in an eye-catching, hearty display and offer treasure specialties or a sale. Here are some things that make hearts beat faster:

22Red high school sweetheart variety
22Red cannabis

This strain comes from a beautiful love story between two strains: Cherry Pie Kush and Grateful Breath. The experience begins with waves of excitement followed by a general calm. Not only does High School Sweetheart promise an unparalleled high, its wide range of flavors will burst your mouth full of aromas of berries, fresh cherries, and an uplifting citrus.

Marketing tip: Use this sweet variety and other love-themed varieties especially for Valentine’s Day weekend.
Wholesale information: [email protected].
Effectiveness: THC 21.31 percent; CBD 0.05 percent.
Locations: Arizona, California, Nevada.
MSRP: $ 50.


Chalice Farms chocolate explosions
Chalice farms

Chocolates are delicious, but these delicious chocolates from Chalice Farms offer an extra level of edible indulgence. The Portland-based cannabis business uses the highest quality ingredients, including extract from its own flower, to process these sensual treats. This year, encourage customers to indulge in a sweet, dreamy, romantic chocolate love.

Marketing tip: Studies show that food is a favorite for Valentine’s Day and has a pleasant appeal for newbies and non-smokers.
Wholesale information: (503) 384-2141
Main Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Mocha Flavors.
Dosage: 50 mg THC per package.
Locations: California, Oregon, Nevada.


Greenport Dispensary x Paraluman Flora Higher Love Bouquets
Greenport Dispensary, Paraluman flora

In a fine example of a collaboration reaching out to flower-loving consumers across a wide spectrum, Toronto’s Greenport Dispensary and Paraluman Flora have teamed up to bring happy locals the Higher Love Bouquet from the Not Just for Lovers Collection. The bouquet contains beautiful cut flowers as well as a quarter ounce of Pink Kush Pure solar farms.

Marketing Tip: Partnerships can benefit other local businesses, ensure good marketing, and help normalize cannabis in retail.
Wholesale information: [email protected].
Main Ingredients: Mixed cut flowers with dried cannabis flowers.
Dosage: quarter ounce, dried cannabis weight.
Locations: Toronto, Canada.
MSRP: 124.90 CAD.


The green solution Tulip-shaped pre-rolls
The Green Solution Dispensaries

“The 2.5 g tulip-shaped pre-roll is the perfect flower to give someone something special. The tulip, also known as the “inverted joint”, begins with a tiny cherry that continues to grow and grow and, as it burns, creates larger and larger bong-like hits from the attached straw. “In discreet packaging.

Marketing tip: Thematic novelties lead to solid vacation and impulse sales for customers who want something unique.
Wholesale information: (303) 990-9723
Dosage: 2.5 grams of dried flower.
Locations: Colorado.
MSRP: $ 25.95.


High Life Farms Royal Chocolate Bar
High Life Farms

Two words: red velvet. “With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve created something special for the vacation that gives consumers a little bit of convenience to share with loved ones during these difficult times,” said the co-founder of High Life Farms Ben Celani said. Chocolate is also said to increase the effects of cannabis and arousal. Available for retail stores in Michigan only.

Marketing tip: Studies show that cannabis users have 20 percent more sex than non-users. Let your customers know about Valentine’s Day on social posts.
Wholesale information:
Main Ingredients: Artisanal chocolate made on site.
Dosage: 100 mg THC per bar, 5 mg per serving.
Locations: Michigan.


Raw Garden Strawberry Rosé Refined diamonds made from living resin
Raw garden

Available for a limited time only: Strawberry Rosé Refined Live Resin Diamonds contain strain-specific terpenes and THCa crystals in this signature Valentine’s Day strain for the ultimate dabbing experience with hints of strawberries, some citrus and soft rose notes. Organic and Clean Green certified growing techniques used in the production of proprietary strains.

Marketing tip: Concentrates are ideal for both connoisseurs and occasional consumers for upsells on special occasions.
Wholesale information: [email protected].
Main Ingredients: Parent Strains Of Rosé, Strawberry Fields And Skystomper.
Potency: THC 86.18 percent.
Locations: California.
MSRP: $ 60 per gram.


Rose Delights x Aster Farms Edible Collaboration
Aster farms, Rose Delights

Los Angeles-based food company Rose Delights has partnered with NorCal’s sustainable cannabis company Aster Farms to create these Turkish Delight-style sweet foods infused with whole flower rosin. Chef Virgilio Martinez‘S Autumn Bright Nectarine with Juniper Berry Gourmet Candy Recipe is mixed with Aster Farms OG Flower (Indica Dominant) and Blood Orange (Sativa Dominant) rosin.

Marketing Tip: For customers who crave an exotic, unique, sweet edible that is not chocolate.
Wholesale information:
Main ingredients: nectarines, juniper berries, water, cane sugar, cannabis flower rosin.
Dosage: 100 mg THC per pack, 5 mg per serving.
Locations: California.
MSRP: $ 35.

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