Smoking extra weed will get an individual taller, however there may be one draw back

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While too much weed is unlikely to have dangerous side effects, bad highs are never fun.

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Maria Loreto • • The fresh toast The THC levels in the blood peak around eight minutes after smoking.  /. The THC levels in the blood peak around eight minutes after smoking. /. Photo from iStock / Getty Images Plus

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Logic says the more weed that is smoked, the taller a person will get and the longer they will be able to keep the high up. This is true up to a point. When it comes to cannabis, everyone has a personal level of tolerance. And once a person reaches a certain point, the THC can make you feel sleepy, sedated, and uncomfortable.

Consuming too much marijuana is never a good feeling as it comes to highs that can involve paranoia and last for hours. Research has shown that THC levels in the blood peak around eight minutes after smoking. If consumption continues, a person gets taller, but things can get very messy, resulting in a nap. Consider the moment a person is tipsy and having fun, but drinking more can lead to them getting drunk.

High levels of THC also correlate with higher levels of anxiety and paranoia, which could make the overall experience more uncomfortable and cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

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Consuming too much THC can also increase the intensity of the “marijuana hangover” as THC is stored in the body’s fat cells and can appear over time, depending on how much THC has been consumed. This can cause a person to feel drowsy and tired for hours or days after consuming it.

While too much weed is unlikely to be associated with dangerous side effects, bad highs are never fun, no matter how skilled the user is.

While smoking more cannabis will make a person taller for a really long time, it is almost never a good thing, especially when eating food. A moment when there can be no impact that is not followed so much later will make the feeling less welcome, including the feeling of panic. Just do not.

When marijuana is new, the best way for a person to figure out a dosage that works best is to experiment and see how the body reacts to start slowly and increase the amount of THC until a comfortable high is reached . And if a person goes overboard and panics, remember that the feeling will pass.

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