Suggestions for planning your spring hashish backyard at house


For the people who grow cannabis at home, spring means laying the foundation for a successful harvest. Here are some helpful tips to get you started in your growth.

There is a lot to consider before deciding to start and maintain a cannabis garden. Cultivators can never know too much about growing cannabis. So, if you know about the process and think carefully about the health of the crop, it will make a world of difference.

We have put together a few articles to help you prepare your home garden for spring. Have fun planting!

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READ: How to Prepare Your Home Garden for Growing Cannabis

While cannabis is similar to many other cultures that home gardeners might be used to, the cannabis plant still requires unique expertise as the same main ingredients are earth and light. Ahead of the planting season, Cannabis Now spoke to two experts about how home growers should prepare their gardens for a successful marijuana growing season.


READ: Guano is the way to go

There are many people who have tried growing cannabis with guano, and there are many who have failed for a few simple reasons. Guano, especially bat guano, may be more of a deterrent to your crops than the great gift most seem to believe.

PHOTO Gracie Malley

READ: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Grow

Some may think that growing marijuana is a simple matter. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Growing marijuana successfully requires a great deal of detailed planning, skill, and consistent effort. Each crop takes eight to 10 weeks to mature. Therefore, the grower must spend at least an hour a day caring for the plants to ensure that the plants are reaching their full potential.

Wick system mainPHOTO Ed Rosenthal

READ: Building a Wick System: An Easy Way to Grow

Leading Cannabis Horticulture Authority Ed Rosenthal has published a new book that provides useful ideas for starting your own home growing, like this excerpt on creating a wick system. The wick container system is an easy way to garden as it is self watering and eliminates the uncertainty of when to water.

Cannabis male plant cannabis nowPHOTO DoobieDuck

READ: How To Tell If Your Cannabis Plant Is Male Or Female

Cannabis growers around the world know that obsessive, purgatory feeling of waiting for their plants to mature to identify gender – female, male, or hermaphrodite. There is no way to tell whether a seedling is male or female with the naked eye. This article describes the way to tell the sex difference in cannabis plants.

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