That is how folks can safely share weeds throughout COVID-19

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People may have smoked more weeds in 2020 than ever before, but a large part of cannabis culture has been affected by the pandemic.

While weeds continue to be used to alleviate the pain of social distancing and locking, the communal experience – smoking with friends at home or at a party – currently has no place in everyday life.

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Sharing cannabis is the most efficient method of sharing height, usually by splitting a joint or passing through a bong and pipe. While there is no way to replace that experience for the duration of the pandemic, there are ways to overcome current hurdles while staying safe. Here are a few suggestions.

Virtual smoking sessions

This is kind of predictable. Anyone who’s had vacation or work groups at Zoom needs to know that they can host Zoom smoking parties too. Of course, everyone has their own opinion, but some think the more rules there are for the meetings, the better, because then everyone will be on the same frequency.

Make it clear to everyone involved that this is a smoking session where people can smoke or vape whatever they want, but where consuming is mandatory.

Sharing food is a pretty safe way to get together. /. Photo by Getty Images

Share edible

Sharing food is a pretty safe way to get together. Something thoughtful would be to prepare a batch and then share it with a friend, drop it off, and eat it socially distant. Or, hell, just sharing a batch, even if friends who consume alone are just as cool.

Different joints, same load

While not perfect, those wanting to get close to feeling an equal high can try smoking the same strain and setting some safety limits.

There are many options to consider including scheduling a Zoom meeting or phone call and discussing the high or smoking together and then meeting after that is over.

Whoever wants to leave the house – masked of course – can go for a walk or meet outside. Undoubtedly, the weirdness of it all will surely give the high an edge that could be unforgettable.

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