The advantages of treating arthritis with hashish points

Arthritis is a painful and sometimes debilitating condition characterized by joint swelling, pain and stiffness, and decreased range of motion.

As a consultant for cannabis patients, I often work with people who have arthritis and look for alternative ways to manage the painful condition. Often these patients come to me when they have exhausted the conventional options.

When arthritis becomes severe, pain relievers (such as opiates) are usually the primary treatment these patients receive. But opiates have their limits. Patients adjust their dose and it has to be increased continuously. In some cases, opiates can actually increase pain sensitivity. Many have already reached the maximum permitted dose and are less and less relieved of the drug over time. Patients who have relied on this pain relief are suddenly left without recourse.

Fortunately, cannabis offers new hope for the safe and effective treatment of arthritis. As a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent, cannabis has helped many with their arthritic symptoms. It can also be safely used in conjunction with opiates so that patients still using or rejuvenating opiates need not worry about dangerous interactions. Research shows that cannabis use actually enables patients to reduce their opiate use, and in states where cannabis is legally available, opiate-related deaths have decreased by 25 percent.

Research also suggests that cannabis can not only relieve symptoms of the condition, but can also reverse them, leading to progressive improvements in mobility, inflammation, and pain. Research shows that arthritis patients actually have higher levels of CB2 receptors in their damaged joints than most others.

A study conducted in Canada looked at the effects of topical use of cannabis on rheumatoid arthritis. The researchers behind it believed that saturating the patient’s CB2 receptors with cannabinoids not only helps relieve pain, but can also repair the joint damage already caused.

Treating Arthritis With Cannabis Issues

In my own experience with arthritis patients, topical applications of cannabis have been extremely helpful. Patients often complain that the topic doesn’t do much at first, but with regular saturation they experience a gradual but significant change in their pain and range of motion.

Those looking to try treating arthritis with cannabis topicals should first find an up-to-date cannabis product that they can use regularly. For patients with mild arthritis, you can start with a regular topical strength. I’m a big fan of Leafy Botanicals’ hard lotion balm and massage oil. Not only do these themes work well, they also smell delicious with hints of lavender and rosemary.

For those with more severe arthritis, I recommend Fleurish Farms Extra Strength Balm. This incredibly potent product was specially formulated for arthritis sufferers and has provided immediate pain relief to some of the most severe arthritis patients I’ve worked with. This whipped balm is odorless and consists exclusively of oils that reach a zero on the pore clogging scale. Therefore, it’s light and hypoallergenic enough to protect even the most sensitive skin. It’s also infused with high quality rosin, a solvent-free cannabis concentrate that contains powerful terpenes in addition to the cannabinoids found in most subjects.

Whether you use subjects, food, or inhalation, cannabis can relieve arthritis pain and even lead to permanent improvement in joint health. If you are among the 50 million people who struggle with arthritis pain every day, cannabis may be the perfect solution. Talk to a doctor who specializes in cannabis to find out if it’s right for you.

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