The best way to host a profitable digital weed smoking session

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Smoking sessions are usually up-close and intimate experiences. Regardless of the distancing guidelines applied, unless everyone invited has their own joint, there will be saliva with smoking friends. While it’s fun under normal circumstances, it can be riskier during a pandemic.

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Zoom has become the answer for many people looking for ways to connect with friends and family. Although it may take some restructuring and a lot of will, it can also serve as a substitute for smoking sessions with friends. Here’s how it works.

Clearly state the purpose of the meeting

The first step in making a Zoom meeting work is to state its purpose in advance. If not, people will no doubt start talking about COVID-19, and people will likely start to unsubscribe soon. Make a google invite for friends and write down some rules, most importantly the date and that everyone should have their favorite amount of relaxing varieties and maybe even a few snacks.

Avoid heavy subjects

While everyone has different levels of tolerance when it comes to issues like pandemic and politics, it can be assumed that most people are pretty exhausted by this point. If you want to keep the smoke light and airy, stay away from heavy subjects. Try to focus on the task at hand, even if they are addressed from time to time (which is probably inevitable).

Do something together

When hanging out with friends in person, there is no need to plan activities. However, since zooming out is inconvenient, it can be helpful to add an activity to pass the time, such as walking around. B. a game or a movie. Introducing a shared experience can make the session more fun and natural. Plus, this can help recharge everyone’s batteries and make them feel like they’re really hanging out with their friends smoking weed.

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