The biopharmaceutical analysis agency can be one of many first within the nation to obtain a federal hashish manufacturing license – MJNews Community

CALIFORNIA: Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC), a pharmaceutical therapeutics company specializing in the manufacture and analysis of specialty pharmaceuticals, is about to receive one of the first federal manufacturing licenses from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to manufacture clean, consistent, and compliant cannabis for nationally recognized researcher in the United States.

BRC will be among the select few organizations to receive such a license after the DEA amended the Regulations of the Controlled Substances Act to allow cannabis to be grown for research. Prior to the DEA’s decision today, only one facility in the US was federally approved to grow cannabis for research purposes.

“Once this federal license is finalized, it will forever change the way our business and the medical cannabis industry develop. The DEA’s leadership will spark a nationwide wave of innovative cannabis treatments, unlock valuable intellectual property and create quality American jobs, ”said George Hodgin, CEO of BRC, a former US Navy SEAL.

“The BRC team is already familiar with DEA ​​compliance procedures, which are based on our years of experience with controlled substance activities, and our world class people are ready to take the first step in this new line of business that the DEA has authorized do. Cultivation and compliance are our bread and butter, and now that we are able to obtain that license, our best work yet can take shape. “

BRC is already certified by the DEA and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the analysis and testing of controlled substances such as cannabis and hemp.

“We have invested a lot of money and have waited a very long time for it over the past four years and this is the confirmation and holy grail we have been waiting for,” added Hodgin. “With this license, BRC can legally manufacture quality cannabis and cannabis-derived products that will help identify new treatments that can benefit veterans and all patients struggling with chronic pain, cancer and myriad other diseases. Equally important, we gain valuable insight into the potential dangers and misuse of cannabis that will help all Americans stay safe and healthy. We are proud and honored to be one of the first federally legal cannabis companies in the United States. “

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