The clubhouse turns into a magnet for professionals within the hashish trade

Clubhouse, a social media network and an app exploding popularityQuickly attracts professionals in the cannabis industry. The social media network, which is only available by invitation, has live speaker sessions (drop-in audio) that act as group calls but have visual icons for personal user accounts that you can and can no longer follow.

In the summer of 2020 there was hardly any significant number of users on the network, but as of February 2021 There were 10 million active users a week. One of the most popular room themes is what is now referred to as the “digital smoke session”.

Forbes reports that Clubhouse’s parent company, Alpha Exploration Co., was valued at $ 1 billion following a Series B funding round in January. Valued at $ 1 billion, Clubhouse is considered a unicorn startup joining companies like Uber and Airbnb. The network is currently in 5th place in the App Store in the “Social Networking” category.

“I firmly believe that drop-in audio is the next wave of social media this decade,” said clubhouse user Francis Pierre told Forbes. “I think it’s great that followers don’t play a role in the clubhouse. I also love the fact that I don’t have to feel pressured to go live. I can deal with an entire community whenever I want without beautifying my profile like Instagram. “

There is quite a bit of brewing going on in the clubhouse’s cannabis rooms to keep small businesses in the game before big ones try to shut everyone out with regulation / lobbying. Amazing advances in chemical science too.

– Daniel Cruz (@DanielJCruz) March 9, 2021

Often in these rooms you will find random appearances by celebrities, from Berner to Joe Rogan, Dr. Dina and the Pot Brothers at Law. Even Elon Musk randomly appears on the app. Some notable rooms related to cannabis include “The Smoking Section,” a room of 11,600 members and 14,000 followers (as of mid-March) that meets Wednesdays at 4:20 pm PST – hosted by High times. Other popular rooms include “Cannabis Thought Leaders” with 7,800 members or “How To Get In The Cannabis Industry” with 2,500 members, who gather on Fridays at 4:20 pm EST and PST.

With the advent of drop-in audio, it’s easier to discuss taboo topics like cannabis without worrying about getting you removed from the app – something that you would be more likely to be seen on Instagram. You don’t have a clubhouse invitation? Do not worry: The daily point provides step-by-step instructions too How do I get a clubhouse invitation?.

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