The governor of New Rhode Island is setting up an grownup hashish legalization plan

Dan McKee, Governor of Rhode Island, aims to legalize adult cannabis and proposes a program to issue 25 retail licenses per year with a launch in April 2022.

McKee, a Democrat who included the proposal in his fiscal 2022 budget, is following the lead of his predecessor Gina Raimondo, who also advocated legalization of adult use.

Raimondo recently resigned as governor to become Commercial Secretary to President Joe Biden.

According to the Providence Journal, Senate leaders have proposed a separate legalization plan calling for a cannabis control commission to determine the licensing and regulation of the industry.

McKee’s proposal includes the following elements:

  • Of the 25 annual retail licenses, five would be reserved for minority companies.
  • A cannabis regulation office would license applicants and ensure compliance with packaging, labeling, safety, and protection requirements.
  • On top of the state’s 7% sales tax, a 10% excise tax would be levied on marijuana products. There would also be a weight-based excise tax on marijuana cultivation.
  • Create a task force to make recommendations on investing marijuana revenues in professional training, access to capital for small businesses, community development, and other areas.

– Jeff Smith

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