The Hollywood Undead musician experiences that he was robbed of $ 60,000 price of hashish

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Founding member of rap rock band Hollywood Undead, J-Dog reveals that he was once deprived of illegal cannabis worth $ 60,000 in a recent interview with Kerrang.

J-Dog, real name Jorel Decker, said he invested a significant amount of about $ 100,000 in growing cannabis in a rented warehouse in Los Angeles. But the investment wasn’t paying off as he’d imagined.

After six months of growth, Decker reaped the harvest and hired a broker to find a buyer. Decker gave her about 13.6 kilograms worth about $ 60,000 worth of product, he estimates, and the broker said she would return with his money the next day.

When he was attending a Halloween party in a vampire costume that night, his phone buzzed. The broker had been robbed at gunpoint.

“I don’t have a party anymore – still disguised as a vampire – and I’m making all of these calls to find out who took them.” I literally stand in this costume while calling various gangs and getting into all this gangster shit. The result is that I have $ 60,000 less, ”he said.

Decker said robberies came with the territory and that he believes the broker was set up, adding that“This wasn’t the first time I’ve been robbed and it won’t be the last.”

Decker is currently working in a legal operation in Oklahoma where he said the barriers to entry aren’t as high as in California.

“In California you have to invest millions to get on the field and even then it doesn’t guarantee success – politics is too corrupt. It’s US $1 millionOnly for a license to grow weeds while it is US $ in Oklahoma2,500, ”he added.

As for the robbery, Decker finally got his money back, albeit six months later. He said the same broker was later robbed again, but this time he just walked away with the loss as he was in a better position financially thanks to Hollywood Undead.

Decker has more success in Oklahoma. He said his operation is 20,000 square feet, with more than 300 growing lights and millions of dollars in investment to support him.

“Nobody wants to look over their shoulder every day,” he said. “I’m really happy with how it’s going.”

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