The Luxurious Hashish Market: Product Abstract

Just a few years ago, the term luxury seemed completely incompatible with cannabis’ wet aesthetic and anti-establishment roots. But today, as the commercialization of the plant is taking its longstanding cultural context and repackaging it for new consumers, luxury cannabis has arrived.

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Raise Jane
Elevate Jane boutique in Long Beach, California caters to upscale consumers with discerning, if sometimes quirky, tastes. owner Angela Mou looks for handcrafted, unique items – like this antique furniture designed specifically for showcasing cannabis accessories – that combine aesthetics with usefulness, and destigmatize cannabis use by subtly integrating chic, functional pieces into everyday life.


Family owned NarvonaThe flower is proven to be of high quality. The company was granted a cultivation license in June 2018 and is now harvesting £ 150 a week. wholesale for about $ 15,000 each weekly harvest. The three varieties of Narvona are available in flower and pre-rolls and are aimed at consumers looking for effects, not playful names. The packaging of the products is characterized by its elegant simplicity. (Michigan)


The mirage
Le Mirage is discreet, can be dosed, refillable and child-safe and is not Hervé’s usual patisserie creation. The company calls the patented new offering a “luxury candy”. Each stick with sublingual bites contains five cans that can be bitten off in succession, adding a playful element to Hervé’s otherwise traditional line. (Nevada)


Hervé macarons
Hervé’s classic French pastries are indulgent from the pack to the palate. Each macaron has been handcrafted in the French tradition of attention to detail and is a work of art that is almost too pretty to eat. Try to market these goodies as if they were precious jewels. (Nevada)


MAE collection
MAE, an acronym for Mind at Ease, is a design-focused luxury brand from the founder of ALC and former CEO of Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. The collection includes a range of accessories created by prolific designer Joe Doucet (who has worked with A-list brands like Mont Blanc). Losing a little name never hurts.


My vase of buds
Every My Bud vase is a stealth bong: it presents itself as a work of art, but shows its true nature on request. Although all pieces fit into the luxury category, some are more luxurious than others: the Artisan collection includes unique pieces that are valued by collectors. Wholesale accounts are verified.


Strong goods
Forti Goods handcrafted furniture is as functional as it is beautiful. For added security, each part is equipped with at least one lock that can be opened or closed via a web or mobile app in the same way that other “connected home” devices work. Retail prices start at $ 1,850 for heirloom quality work.


Muri Lelu
Muri Lelu’s high-performance skincare line would be right at the cosmetic counter on Saks Fifth Avenue or at Neiman’s Marcus home. The packaging – bottles and boxes alike – expresses the kind of low-profile Polish, rarer, mainstream brands. Each serum mixes whole flower extract with exotic botanicals at retail prices. Luxury consumers will appreciate it: $ 135 to $ 270.


Tube vape batteries
Vessel was founded in 2018 and is partly a technical laboratory, partly a design studio. The company’s Craftsman series is designed to make a visual statement, combining wood and anodized aluminum for an eye-catching appearance and reliable performance. The Expedition series is robust, yet sophisticated. The retailer verification is thorough and can take up to 30 days.


Empower BodyCare
Founded by female entrepreneurs and LGTBQ entrepreneurs, award-winning Empower BodyCare has at least a touch of luxury with the presence of its Luxe collection on Nordstrom shelves across the country and in spas in four states. The company is very clear about what its products contain and what it does not and contributes to socially relevant charities.

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