The marijuana firm Dixie has been sued for alleged patent infringement

A Texas company is suing Denver-based marijuana-infused manufacturer Dixie Brands for allegedly illegally using patented technology as a store locator on its website.

Houston-based Geographic Location Innovations filed a lawsuit against Dixie in Colorado District Court on Thursday, reported.

Geographic Location Innovations alleges Dixie infringed his patent and is asking the court to order the marijuana company to pay the unspecified damages.

Dixie is now part of BellRock Brands following a merger in October with BR Brands of Connecticut, a consumer goods company.

BellRock Brands did not immediately respond to an email with a comment on Friday.

The cannabis company’s website, Dixie Elixirs, continues to have a locator that consumers can use to find the retailer closest to them.

Geographic Location Innovations’ patent relates to technology that stores addresses and transmits them to electronic devices such as cell phones, according to

The patented system includes display and other components residing in Dixie’s Store Locator platform, the complaint states.

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