The marijuana-related layoffs are more likely to proceed till marijuana is authorized nationwide

Five White House employees have been sacked after admitting in the past that they had previously used marijuana.

White house and cannabis use

With five White House employees laid off under the Biden presidency, many people have questioning questions. While we all know from Biden’s previous statements that he is not involved in the full legalization of cannabis, this recent zero-tolerance policy is shocking to a large majority of people, including Republicans. Speaking at a press conference with Jen Psaki, the press secretary, she said that while these layoffs may seem unfair, “the point is to work through the process and take steps to address the fact that marijuana is being used in a number of states across the country is legal. It’s still illegal nationwide. ”

These shots caught the eye of many angry people, some of whom are not even pot enthusiasts, such as Representative David Joyce. Joyce went on to write a letter to the President that read, “Simply put, in a nation where the truth is considered malleable, we must show our young officials that it is an honorable quality to tell the truth , and not one to be punished. I respectfully urge your administration to stop punishing employees who are honest about their previous cannabis use and reinstall otherwise qualified people. “

These shots seem even more unusual when you remember that Vice President Kamala Harris herself joked about her own past marijuana use. This begs the question, “Why isn’t she fired?” And many took to social media with the same miracles. Biden also made no specific comment on his direct role in keeping the drug war going, as he helped fuel the drug fight effort during his tenure as a senator. However, he has drawn attention to the injustice and harm it has done to the people, and an election promise has been to reform the criminal justice system and the opioid crisis accordingly.

People versus Government: Views on the Federal Marijuana Ordinance

Recreational marijuana is legal in 14 states. Recent polls show that more than two-thirds of Americans believe in and support the legalization of marijuana. Even those who vote mostly Republicans have started changing their views on cannabis, as nearly half (48%) of Republicans polled support the legislation. For the Democrats, a whopping four in five (nearly 80%) marijuana should be legalized.

With cannabis policies changing, proponents who promote marijuana activism continue to push for ongoing drug reform. Udi Ofer, director of the New York American Civil Liberty Union, said: “It would be one thing if the White House came up with a position that says,“ We ​​don’t believe in this policy – we believe the people do this do not should be penalized for past use of marijuana. It will take some time to go through the process of changing these guidelines, but here we are. ‘“

While Biden has the ability to directly influence the rescheduling of cannabis as it is currently a List I drug (alongside heroin), there is no telling what he will do anytime soon. With law enforcement still arrested for marijuana possession even in states where it’s legal to do so, the federal government remains way behind the curve. While we may be years away from seeing profound changes at the federal level, there is a lot you can do to break down the negative stereotypes surrounding marijuana.

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