The most well-liked medical marijuana strains in Arkansas

Most common are strains bred and sold on the west coast of America – the epicenter of cannabis culture and creation. Just because strains like GG # 4 and Dutch Treat are high on the coast doesn’t mean the rest of the country is so excited about these strains. Since cannabis trade laws are what they are, cannabis growers in states with more stringent medical recreation options typically grow their own strains of weed, which then become popular in local pharmacies.

As an example of this phenomenon, here are some of the most popular strains found at a Fayetteville, AR pharmacy:

Glass slippers

Glass Slipper is a descendant of Cinderella 99 and a sativa hybrid known for its ability to deliver a good amount of energy without the nervousness that can come with too much THC. Typically, Glass Slipper contains around 16 percent THC, but some Arkansas growers have tested more than 20 percent in their offerings. Users love Glass Slipper for its tropical fruit flavor and its ability to hit a clean daily high that can help patients with depression, anxiety, and stress disorders lift their spirits and get on with their daily chores. Unlike Cinderella’s glass slippers, this variety is great for everyday use.

Mandarin Temple Kush

This strain is a mix of Mandarin Sunset and Triangle Kush, which together create a light orange aroma amid an intense, earthy herbal taste. Most users confirm that Mandarin TK, as the strain is sometimes called, is not suitable for beginners or those who are not prepared for a strong, long-lasting high. With a THC level between 21 and 26 percent, Mandarin Temple Kush exudes a strong feeling of euphoria and lacks an intense calming effect in particular, making it a great wake-and-bake strain. It is most commonly used in Arkansas to combat mental disorders, particularly anxiety.

Member Berry

Member Berry, another strain with Mandarin Sunset genetics, is also descended from Skunkberry, which despite its name helps make Member Berry tart and fruity as opposed to herbs and skunky. Possibly the most balanced hybrid on this list, this strain can be conveniently used day or night to help combat a range of health problems, from chronic pain to chronic anxiety. The resulting high of mind and body is powerful but not overwhelming, meaning it can provide a relaxation and contentment that lasts long but does not interfere with activity or socialization. Still, Member Berry usually contains around 19 percent THC. Hence, users should be on the experienced side to test this strain.

Scott’s OG

Scott’s OG is from the famous Colorado seed bank Rare Dankness, and there is some disputes over whether the strain was originally named after the seed bank’s founder or his best friend, both of whom are Scott. Regardless, Scott’s OG is a blend of Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness # 1 genetics that creates a complex aroma with layers of sour, earthy, and lemony flavors. Scott’s OG is an indica-dominant hybrid and tends to have a THC content between 17 and 23 percent. While the effects of this strain are rather calming, this strain is not for beginners. Cannabis veterans will appreciate the intoxicating sedative effects that are especially good for insomnia.

Eleven roses

Eleven Roses is one of the newest strains to hit shelves in Arkansas pharmacies. It takes its name partly from its mother, the award-winning Sugar Black Rose, and partly from the superb autumnal coloring it develops during its flowering phase. With THC content in their mid to high 20s, Eleven Roses packs a punch, which is perhaps why it has become so popular so quickly. Sweet, floral and fruity, this strain is easy on the taste buds and its indica-dominant effects help with nausea and pain. However, most strains of Eleven Roses are low in CBD, which means it can have a detrimental effect on fighting anxiety and other mental health problems.

Arkansas may not have the newest and largest strains grown in major cities like California and Colorado, but the state pharmacies know what MMJ cardholders want and need. When a state has a less welcoming cannabis culture and less permissible growing laws, budget tenders tend to fill their shelves with the products their customers want and need – and these strains show that Arcansans crave strength and potency.

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