The person is charged with weed possession after crashing the automobile into the cop store

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Police make sure the driver is taken to the hospital, but notice the whiff of weeds while looking through the vehicle.

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Angela Stelmakowich / Photo: Gleti / iStock / Getty Images Plus While investigating the wreck, the police chief said he discovered a faint smell of cannabis from the driver’s side window. /. Photo by Gleti / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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The employees of the sheriff’s office of the Bamberg district were called in to get the man out of the vehicle. The rescue workers then took care of the patient and transported the driver to a nearby hospital.

However, while investigating the wreck, Chief Smoak said he discovered a faint smell of cannabis from the driver’s side window, reports The Times and Democrat.

As he checked the car for vehicle registration, he saw a cellophane bag on the floor of the vehicle containing a green, flaky substance that looked and smelled like cannabis. There was also a packet of roll paper on the floor, he reported.

The driver has since been accused of simply possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The police did not say how much cannabis was found. A first offense for one ounce (28 grams) of weed is a crime charge in South Carolina. The maximum penalty is 30 days in jail and / or a $ 200 ($ 254) fine, while a subsequent offense can lead to a year in jail and / or a $ 2,000 ($ 2,540) fine ) reports the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The recent incident isn’t the first time someone who carries weeds has had a hard stop at a police station. A male minor in India, one of four people who fled the scene after encountering police officers checking vehicles, mistakenly came across a police station directly.

Then there was the Ontario man who seemed almost daring to be caught parking his weed-smelling SUV on public property owned by the Wiarton Branch of the Ontario Provincial Police and then fled when an officer tried to investigate to employ.

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