The place there’s smoke, there’s hearth … except that “smoke” is simply vented air from BC hashish

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“Heavy smoke” attracts firefighters, but turns out to be moisture-laden air.

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Angela Stelmakowich

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January 26, 2021 • • January 26, 2021 • • 1 minute read • • Join the conversation Image for illustration.  Image for illustration. “Fortunately, it turned out that excess moisture was removed from the building,” said the fire chief of the report of thick smoke. /.

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Members of the Port Alberni Fire Department were ready to tackle a fire in the former Acklands-Grainger building on 3rd Avenue, but when they arrived they found there were no flames to put out.

In response to an emergency call that reported heavy smoke on Jan. 21, firefighters arrived and found smoke coming from the roof and an electrical smell of fire in the air. Vancouver Island Free Daily quotes Chief Wes Patterson.

  1. Police checked smoke and fire damage when the growth was detected.  /.

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  2. The 20 grow rooms contained approximately 15,000 potted plants with an estimated street value of $ 36 million.

    Anonymous tip leads police in the San Francisco area to illegal cultivation worth $ 36 million

  3. On Sunday, November 1st, around 7:28 a.m., Delta Fire responded to a fire in the greenhouse structure at 10250 Hornby Dr.

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When the crews checked the roof of the building, there was no fire, but the “smoke” appeared to be coming from inside the building. When they entered the building, they quickly discovered that it was a vent, not smoke. The electricity and natural gas to the building were turned off to allow a full investigation.

Two people worked in the building, but no injuries.

“Thankfully, it turned out that excess moisture was removed from the building,” said Chief Patterson, pointing out that the temperature was around 1 ° C. “The building is fine.”

Once inside, the smell of cannabis could easily be recognized in the newly owned building. Fire brigade and police officers received federal documents at the cannabis cultivation site. Not a word about whether the paperwork was all right or not.

Anyone in BC who manufactures medicinal or non-medicinal cannabis for commercial use must “obtain appropriate licenses to allow their products to reach a wide base of public and private authorized retail outlets in BC and across Canada,” according to information from the provincial government .

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