The seven-year-old woman with the uncommon type of epilepsy is recovering surprisingly effectively because of hashish oil

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And while Richardson’s recovery was “amazing” according to her mother, the family was told that she would not be able to access Bedrolite on the NHS.

Family members began looking into cannabis-based therapies after steroid treatments proved unsuccessful. Surgery was also an option, but could potentially result in paralysis on Richardson’s left side.

Frustrated with the NHS, the family started a fundraiser to raise funds for Richardson’s treatment. The drug costs around £ 1,400 ($ 2,400) per month.

According to Richardson’s mother, Sienna’s condition began to improve within two weeks of taking the oil. “She has been able to understand and speak normally since she took it,” said Lucy Richardson.

“She lives a normal life, she is still in regular school, plays with friends, she is really, very well. When we saw her getting better and better, it was amazing. “

The family has joined the End our Pain and Epilepsy Action campaign, which calls for improved access to cannabis-based medicines for children with severe and treatment-resistant epilepsy.

“It’s a massive amount of stress. We’re worried about how we’re going to fund it, but there is no choice. We have to do it so that Sienna can lead a normal life, ”her mother told the BBC. “If we got it on the NHS it would be amazing,” she added.

In 2018, five-year-old Alfie Dingley received the UK’s first medical cannabis license for the treatment of his epilepsy. Dingley went from over 150 seizures per month to 17 days without a single seizure after treatment with Bedrolite.

“The word ‘cannabis’ is very scared. But it changed our lives for Alfie and my family, ”Dingley’s mother, Hanna Deacon, wrote in a comment earlier this year.

While Dingley was able to secure access to the drug, Deacon said there are too many barriers for other families seeking access to cannabis-based medicines.

“Although we were lucky, so many other parents with chronically ill children fail. Access to medical cannabis is still difficult and families are not getting the support they need – and deserve – “she added.

Deacon has since filed a petition to expand access to medical cannabis, entitled Stop Stop Den Patient Access to Medical Cannabis in the NHS, which has garnered more than 650,000 signatures.

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