The supply to legalize marijuana in Louisiana strikes as much as full home debate within the milestone vote

The Louisiana stoners sighed together in relief on Tuesday as a bill by Rep. Richard Nelson (R) to legalize adult marijuana passed the final committee before pushing for a hearing in the state House of Representatives.

The House House of Criminal Justice Committee, called House Bill 524, voted 7 in favor and 5 against in favor of the further development of the law. Supporters included three of the committee’s four Democrats, one independent, and three Republicans. The committee’s final Democrat voted neither for nor against the bill. The only abstention on the committee came from Marcus Anthony Bryant, who has pledged to support the bill in the House of Representatives and has begun working with industry stakeholders on a study resolution in the event that Nelson does not get enough votes.

Strong opposition to the legalization of cannabis

While the upcoming debates on House Bill 524 have not yet begun, optimism for passing such laws remains low.

The bill must go through both houses of the Louisiana Congress, which are controlled by Republicans. After that, the governor’s signature is required, which seems unlikely. Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, has publicly expressed his opposition to legalizing cannabis.

Only time will tell what will happen to House Bill 524.

Changing the Perceptions of Cannabis in Louisiana

However, the hearing itself is a demonstration of changing attitudes in the state. Several public opinion polls conducted in recent years have shown that the majority of Louisiana voters support the legalization of cannabis.

Nelson told colleague Bryan Fontenot (R), who voted against the bill, “Marijuana is more popular in Louisiana than Donald Trump.”

Many of the representatives voting for House Bill 524 represent districts with overwhelming support for cannabis legalization. Rep. Scott McKnight (R), who voted for the bill, did so while conflicting between his support for law enforcement and public opinion polls from his district showing 72% of Baton Rouge residents are legalizing Support marijuana.

“If it happens this time … at least we’re moving closer to make this happen,” McKnight said.

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