This soluble weed powder is probably probably the most discreet method to get excessive

While cannabis powder isn’t a brand new concept, it is certainly a method of consumption that has not received enough recognition.

In November 2020, Organigram announced the launch of Edison RE: MIX soluble cannabis powder. Edison is one of Organigram’s three leisure brands – the others are Trailblazer and ANKR Organics.

Not everyone is a fan of smoking cannabis. And let’s face it, even the tastiest foods are not always that pleasant to consume. These fast-dissolving packages offer an alternative for users to enjoy cannabis in their own way. But what do I mean by that? Well, there are three main points that stand out about Edison’s RE: MIX packages:

1. Customizable cannabis

Not only can you physically control the amount of cannabis powder you want to dissolve, but you can also add the powder to any drink of your choice! Plus, these Edison RE: MIX packages are tasteless. Whether you like to drink juice, pop, or whatever, the powder will dissolve and you will not be able to taste it.

2. It’s efficient

The RE: MIX powder consists of a nanoemulsion formula. This means that the powder has an improved rate of absorption compared to food or ingestible oils. As a result, when you consume the infused drink it will give you a better idea of ​​how high you are traveling.

With traditional oil-based foods, beverages, and extracts, the body spends a lot of time breaking down fat-soluble cannabinoid particles, which are then absorbed and metabolized in the body before the effects are felt. This lengthy process can lead to accidental overconsumption and undesirable experiences.

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3. Nobody will know

Cannabis powder“Nobody will ever know.”

The best part is that this is a very discreet way of consuming cannabis. As already mentioned, the cannabis powder is conveniently packaged in individual portion sizes. When it’s ready to be eaten, all you have to do is tear open a packet and add it to your desired drink. The Edison RE: MIX cannabis powder can be enjoyed in a variety of settings and occasions with no smell or obvious freebies.

Just one thing! These Edison RE: MIX packages are available in THC and CBD options, so you can get the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects if you prefer. Click here to learn more about the differences.

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