Three ways in which hashish may help an individual to remain sober within the New 12 months

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Avoiding alcohol requires that people remain focused and deflect distractions, particularly since alcohol is such a widely used and accepted substance.

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Dec 27, 2021December 27, 20212 minutes read Join the conversation Different cannabis methods may help to expand one's relationship with the plant.  / Different cannabis methods may help to expand one’s relationship with the plant. / Photo by dvulikaia / iStock / Getty Images Plus

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The New Year is a time for resolutions and setting new goals and objectives. During these past couple of years, everyone’s relationship with alcohol has shifted. And some say this is not for the better, since people are consuming way more alcohol, at least during the pandemic.

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Sobriety can be tough. It requires people to remain focused and deflect distractions, including peer pressure, since alcohol is such a widely used and accepted substance. Still, there are a variety of options that can help with curbing those impulses in ways that may be healthier and better, including cannabis.

For anyone in need of a reboot, here are some ways that cannabis can help with staying sober in the new year.

Try different weed methods

Anyone who is interested in reducing alcohol use might consider embracing cannabis in its many different forms. Unlike alcohol, which oftentimes is used as a social lubricant, cannabis lends itself to a variety of uses. These include while working out, to help manage stress, and, of course, during time spent with friends.

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Different cannabis methods may help to expand one’s relationship with the plant, thereby distracting a person from getting couch-locked or getting high simply because it’s fun and there’s nothing better to do.

Edibles, vapes, tinctures, and flower are among the many options that are available for cannabis users today.

Have the support of a friend

Whenever embarking on a new endeavor, getting a little help from friends can aid in terms of accountability. Aside from reminding a person of his or her goals, a friend can also join that person on their journey by, for example, becoming a smoke buddy for workouts, walks and other outings.

The more cannabis use is varied, the more fun a person is likely to have. Additionally, the more fulfilled a person’s relationship with cannabis is likely to become.

Create new routines

One of the main difficulties with avoiding alcohol is the way in which the brain is wired; it may be that people want to drink simply because they are in situations where they used to.

Courtesy of the pandemic, however, these situations now seem to be more plentiful. The idea is that cannabis can help a person to “rewire” his or her brain, creating new connections that can help with sticking to goals.

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