Tips on how to Keep away from Marijuana Paranoia Throughout the Pandemic

Marijuana is very variable. While frequent users have a solid routine with their weed consumption, marijuana can cross the line between deep relaxation and intense paranoia, with a single variable capable of tipping the scales either way. And that without taking into account the hellish times we are going through.

Paranoia is common with marijuana use, which can put people off if they feel stressed out. There’s no standard way to prevent this from happening, but there are ways to control some of the variables that can cause you to get out of hand.

THC is a complex compound; There is a lot of puzzles around and the data available is sparse and contradicting, but when it comes to the impact on fear there is a clear answer. Small amounts of THC are effective for reducing anxiety, and larger amounts are likely to make them more likely to occur.

As always, marijuana is very personal and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What can alleviate my anxiety may not affect you, but it does provide a helpful frame of reference for you. How to Avoid Marijuana Paranoia During the Pandemic:

The THC / CBD ratio is important

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The relationship between CBD and THC is important, especially when it comes to anxiety and paranoia. CBD plays an important role in mitigating the psychoactive effects of THC. Strains high in, or equal to, CBD and THC may not provide you with the giggling, euphoric, but adorable, mess of THC, but after a long day of staring intently at your computer, you will be left with feel relaxed.

Keep an eye on your triggers

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If you have had a bad experience with marijuana, try to remember what happened on the day that triggered it. Was it the burden? Was it your mood Was it the people you were with? Keep these variables in mind when planning to increase and limit the number of stressors. Start slowly, preferably with something you’ve tried before, and then increase or experiment as you go.

When you are in a fragile state of mind, you should be careful

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While marijuana can be used to treat anxiety, timing is very important. When you experience your peak of anxiety, try your best to take it easy. If you want weed, control the amount of THC you consume and only smoke with people you trust and are comfortable with.

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