Trip Failures, Silly Eats & a Weed Phrase Search – Breaking hashish information immediately

It’s a special time of year when it’s all about food, partying and happiness … it’s like the holidays were made for stoners. Of course there is a lot of stress associated with it, but luckily we have weed for that. If you could use some extra vacation cheer, look no further. Brighten your mood with a few holiday mistake, silly food, and Christmas grass word search.

Oh Christmas Tree

Have you ever knocked down a Christmas tree? If so, don’t feel bad because you are not alone.

Don’t knock that over! Weed is legal in Canada. So if you want, you can also grow your own beautiful Christmas tree.

Stupid food

If you haven’t put on weight over the course of the season, you haven’t done it right. After all, those extra pounds are supposed to keep you warm! There’s just one problem, sometimes stoners like to eat stupid food. Sometimes we even feed these foods to other people … or at least recommend them. Here, for example, is Action Bronson making a ridiculous sandwich. Depending on who you ask, this sandwich is either awesome or crazy.

Sandra Lee Semi-homemade vacation kitchen

Have you ever baked and eaten something that tasted good back then but was actually terrible? Whoever put this show on the air probably had that experience. There is no other explanation for such a bad thing. Meet Sandra Lee! You can find them on the Food Network, no kidding. Her specialty is “semi-homemade cuisine” and you don’t need any talent for that. She walks you through unwrapping store-bought cakes and tips on how to spice them up. If you have no concerns about processed ingredients, cholesterol, and taste, this show is for you.

Kwanzaa cake

Watch Sandra Lee how to make and decorate a festive Kwanzaa cake.

Hanukkah cake

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah and never want to be asked to cook, try this recipe! Do not forget about the glaze bought in the store!

Yule log

She’s doing a Christmas Yule Log … or at least kind of. Ingredients include a packaged Yule Log and ‘Whippped Topping’.

Fried turkey

For many people, a Christmas turkey is a festive favorite to put in the oven. In the southern states, however, turkeys are deep-fried. The thing is, it can get pretty dangerous and it doesn’t take much to cause a disaster. It is important that the turkey is the perfect size and that oil displacement is taken into account. Here are some examples of what not to do:

Holiday Fail word search

Complete this word search for good luck and a flawless holiday season!

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