Twitterverse unimpressed by the seizure of 800 small baggage of suspicious hashish by British police

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“Still ridiculous that it should be illegal,” argued one person.

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Angela Stelmakowich Lots of commenters were ready to push all sorts of issues back after the tweet announced the bust.  /. Lots of commenters were ready to push all sorts of issues back after the tweet announced the bust. /. Photo by Enfield, Metropolitan Police Service

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“How about doing something to get rid of the growing gangs and knife crime? London used to be a lovely place to live, now it’s a hellhole to be ashamed, ”noted one comment. “Still ridiculous that it’s illegal,” added another.

One person wanted an explanation. “Question. How many pot heads and how many piss heads did you arrest over the weekend? I bet my shit on a barn dance where you arrested far more people for alcohol-related crime,” the post says.

For others, it was all about availability. “Summer ruined.”

The Met Police notes that there are three pots under the umbrella of antisocial behavior: Personal antisocial behavior is when a person targets a specific person or group; bothersome antisocial behavior is when a person inflicts anger, anger, or suffering on a community; and anti-social behavior in the environment is when a person’s actions affect the entire environment, including public spaces or buildings. Rowdy or reckless behavior – whether the result of drunkenness or stoning – would likely apply.

All in all, there was a little bit of support for the bust here and there, with a “praise” from a poster: “Make yourself a dazzling Christmas party, guys! Seriously, great job! “

When it comes to drugs in the UK, being illegal means that a person cannot take, carry, manufacture, sell, trade or share them, including cannabis.

For a class B drug like cannabis, possession is punishable by up to five years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both. However, supply or production can increase the potential prison term to 14 years.

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