Vacationer Faces jail in Dubai after legally smoking hashish earlier than coming into the nation

A US man who legally enjoyed cannabis in his Las Vegas home is now sentenced to three years in prison in the United Arab Emirates after finding traces of it in his urineDetained in Dubai, according to his attorney’s website.

51-year-old Peter Clark flew to Dubai on a business trip to look for a recording studio on February 24th. The retired game designer went to hospital after suffering from pancreatitis. He was reported to authorities when doctors found traces of hashish in his urine, which is believed to be a property in the UAE.

Clark was arrested on March 3rd despite the fact that cannabis was legal in Nevada, where he consumed it, was kept in a flea-stricken cell and has been waiting in his hotel since his release from prison.

“I’ve lost a lot of weight, no shower, no food, no drink since I’ve been here, no sleep,” he said in a video after he got out. Clark adds that he never brought, bought or consumed drugs in Dubai.

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