Verano charged with unlawful worldwide marijuana trafficking within the lawsuit

Chicago-based marijuana industrial giant Verano Holdings was named on Monday in a federal lawsuit filed in Colorado by citizen Nicholas Nielsen.

Verano Holdings currently operates eight grow facilities and 56 retail stores. An expansion to 76 locations is planned for the near future. The company recently went live on the Candian Stock Exchange, valued at $ 3 billion.

According to their own website, Verano is “a leading, vertically integrated cannabis operator in multiple states in the United States, dedicated to continuously improving community wellbeing by providing responsible access to regulated cannabis products. With the aim of meeting critical health and wellness needs, Verano produces a comprehensive suite of high quality, innovative cannabis products that are sold under its trusted portfolio of consumer brands. “

The marijuana company is currently in the midst of a messy lawsuit in which several companies are trying to point a finger at the other so as not to be held liable for any damage. The lawsuit also cites Harvest Health and Recreation, a company that previously negotiated the purchase of Verano, and the Natural State Wellness Enterprise, which is part of the Arkansas cannabis business and connected to the cultivation center that Nielsen worked with .

Lawsuit against Verano

It sounds like a plot in a cheesy weed movie, in which the main character is the little clerk and ends as “Patsy” for “the man”. Plaintiff Nicholas Nielsen has filed a lawsuit in connection with his arrest in January 2020, stating that the cultivation project for which he was terminated began at the behest of his employers and that it is legal and safe to start production in his own home.

He names more than fifty people, including Harvest and Verano employees and executives, investors and financial institutions. Although no charges have currently been brought against companies or individuals, Nielsen’s attorney has indicated his readiness to testify in court against the individuals named in the lawsuit.

Nielsen was investigated by the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division after it was reported that plants were transplanted from Nielsen’s home at the Newport, Arkansas growing center.

Nielsen was arrested while the following people were in his home

  • 30 potted plants and over 9 ounces of marijuana
  • 380 THC steam sticks
  • THC foods and various infused products
  • Put up tents with lights
  • Scales and utensils

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Nielsen alleges in the lawsuit that Harvest first told him it was legal to grow the crops in his home’s makeshift cultivation facility that the company allegedly funded. After the raid, however, the suit finds that Nielsen was fired by Harvest “as a result of his arrest”.

Nielsen also claims that the cultivation project he set up in his home was started from clippings that a former Verano employee smuggled on a flight from Chicago to Memphis. He states that Verano manager Michael Frontier put the ingredients in Whole Foods salad containers to get through airport security, rented a car and brought them to him with instructions to start planting while they move on to the final ones Legalization efforts waited. Michael Frontier is no longer an employee of Verano and was charged in 2019 for involvement in an illegal gambling ring.

The lawsuit alleges that the organizations involved violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by initiating interstate drug trafficking. No matter how far-fetched the allegations may seem, the potential impact of this case could be detrimental, especially for Verano, as this is not the first lawsuit they have brought against them recently.

Cannabis company named in multiple lawsuits

Verano has now been named in court proceedings for three consecutive years of operation. Back in 2019, previous partner companies had filed fraud lawsuits claiming Verano had banned them from business activities in which the company expanded without involving them.

In 2020, the company was sued for discrimination against a black employee after he was fired for failing to illegally ship product in the state of Maryland.

And now Verano is at the center of this latest fiasco. And they definitely call it that, claiming that Nielsen is lying and making up a conspiracy.

The Chicago Sun Times reported, “Knowing that Mr. Nielsen’s attorney was required by law to litigate disputes through mandatory confidential arbitration, he threatened to initiate a smear campaign by filing a lawsuit with harmful false information that it was because, we paid him millions of dollars, “said spokesman Terry Fahn (Verano Holdings) said in a statement. “He went so far as to threaten what he believed the headline on the lawsuit would be.”

Both representatives of Verano Holdings and Harvest Health refute the facts and are already taking steps to counter the allegations made by Nielsen. The trial has to be entertaining and dramatic, with a possible twist ending. Stay tuned to learn more about this case as developments occur.

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