“We actually did not do something unsuitable”: How a Fb publish from considered one of Canada’s largest hashish corporations practically backfired

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Adam was excited. After everything they’d been through – all the money worries, near misses, and disasters – this was at least some visible, tangible improvement. Your first harvest! Not only were they paddling with the tide, but it seemed like they once knew where they were going. In addition, the weather forecast for Thanksgiving was fabulous: sunny, a few clouds and around 14 ° C.

There was only one problem. You weren’t ready. Not even close, especially because in all their planning they hadn’t counted on when the harvest would be ready. Although Louis had spent years as a master breeder known for growing thousands of exotic plants, he never had to oversee a harvest. What he grew never had to be picked. When he decided it was time to prune the plants, it had to be done immediately, especially since some looked like they might develop mold. But even with the crew in place and Seb’s mom, Lise, they didn’t have nearly enough hands to get the job done. They also didn’t have enough gear, let alone the right gear.

Adam went into overdrive and hit every dry cleaner he could find to buy two thousand metal coat hangers to be used as drying racks. Then he called any person he knew who had a week off, an up-to-date and unambiguous review of the criminal record and a pair of scissors. Still, he needed more bodies, at least 10 more. A contact at Invest Ottawa offered to post something on their Facebook page in case Adam was interested in designing it. It went up and immediately the fur flew. A competitor’s start-up submitted the ad to Health Canada. And Health Canada wasn’t happy.

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