Weedmaps stand out in terms of hashish promoting

Advertising can be a challenge for cannabis companies trying to navigate the ever-changing world of regulations about what to say and display. For example, California recently updated its guidelines for billboard advertising near highways, and many mainstream platforms do not allow businesses to advertise cannabis use. Where can people turn to with so many rules about advertising solutions?

Weedmaps is the leading technology company in the legal cannabis industry. It connects consumers with retailers and brands and is committed to making cannabis accessible for all patients and adults. Today, they’re building the industry’s operating system – a platform to engage consumers, advertising and software offerings, and help businesses thrive in the complex cannabis economy.

Weedmaps is designed to improve access to cannabis in the legal market and to provide a much-needed service to cannabis users. The company also works with cannabis brands and retailers to ensure consumers have access to the most current and comprehensive range of products.

Promo codes allow retailers to offer unique discounts, while live menus provide customers with updated, real-time information. The Brand verification badges helps protect consumers and prevents counterfeit cannabis products from being sold. These features are a bonus for advertisers as they lead to more eyes on their offers, higher engagement, and potentially more sales.

Targeting cannabis users

Every month, more than 10 million people visit weedmaps.com to find a specific product, a nearby retailer, or the best flowers, tinctures, or groceries at the best price. Many are value shoppers, most of whom consume cannabis on a regular basis. You react strongly to savings and value creation opportunities.

Weedmaps encourages advertisers to use the platform to interact directly with consumers and exchange updates on abandoned products, offers or special sales.

Adam Hirschberg, Senior Advertising Manager at Weedmaps, explains that this ability of cannabis companies to deal directly with their advertising messages is one of the advantages Weedmaps has over other marketing platforms. “There are limited advertising opportunities for cannabis companies to target cannabis users in the market on a large scale,” he said. “And while these other channels can be effective at times, advertisers often fail to unlock scaling and make sure they’re delivering to a cannabis audience. You have to be very careful about how you position yourself to maintain visibility while trying to promote a sale, which is all challenging. “

As the largest tech company in the legal cannabis industry, Weedmaps provides a direct connection to the consumer at scale while measuring the performance of ad purchases placed in front of high-volume audiences. Staying up to date during a user’s buying journey is vital – this is key to success, and brands and retailers can benefit from it with Weedmaps.

Measurable insights

Advertising is key for brands and retailers looking to connect with engaged consumers who shop on weedmaps.com.

Weedmaps measures the success and effectiveness of their highly efficient paid advertising products and provides advertisers with detailed insights into every paid advertisement. Customers can use this information to better understand what consumers are looking for.

“What sets us apart is that we are developing more and more tools and reports for customers so that they can see the return on their advertising spending,” said Hirschberg. “When you advertise with weedmaps.com you know what your ROI is because we have this ordering function and can see the entire e-commerce ecosystem and offer our customers deep insights.”

With specific insights into customer engagement, Weedmaps customers can strategically determine a path to higher business results for their company. In 2020, more than 300 advertisers and more than 1,000 campaigns generated weedmaps:

– 250 million + impressions

– 3.5 million + orders (in 2020)

– An average return on ad spend of $ 17

– An average increase of 107% in relation to the list of brands or dealers

According to Hirschberg, customers who use on-premise features like promo codes and brand reviews see higher engagement and better ROI. “It builds consumer confidence and validates the relationship between retailers and brands,” he said.

Weedmaps ad offers are beneficial to both cannabis users and brands.

According to Hirschberg, “the combination of forces between retailers and brands sends a compelling message to consumers while also providing them with a discount code that they can respond to immediately.”

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