Well being Canada ceases month-to-month hashish business information releases

Canada’s health ministry will no longer publish monthly data on the cannabis industry, a Health Canada spokesman told Marijuana Business Daily, highlighting priorities related to the ongoing pandemic.

“We’re working in prioritization mode to ensure that information that is most important to the wellbeing and safety of Canadians is released as quickly as possible. Although content such as cannabis market data is prioritized, given the number of COVID postings, longer publication times are still to be expected, ”the spokesman said via email.

Health Canada industry data for December will be released later this month.

“The market data updates will change from monthly updates to quarterly updates starting after the publication of this request,” the spokesman said.

The move would be in line with Health Canada medical cannabis industry data, which is updated quarterly.

The monthly data releases cover the production, inventory and sales of cannabis for dried cannabis, foods, extracts, current and other products.

In particular, the data on the licensed area was crucial in documenting the extent to which large marijuana producers overbuilt the production capacity for low to medium quality cannabis products in the first years of legalization.

Licensed manufacturers such as Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis amassed sprawling networks of massive cannabis greenhouses across the country while their stock prices rose sharply to sell at significant losses not long after completion.

This ultimately resulted in billions in losses for Canadian cannabis producers and thousands of job cuts.

Canada is still sitting on a mountain of over 1 billion grams of inferior inventory that is largely unsalable based on monthly market data.

Matt Lamers is the international editor of Marijuana Business Daily based out of Toronto. He can be reached at [email protected].

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