When to begin flowering hashish

The flowering phase of cannabis growth (depending on the strain) usually lasts 8 to 11 weeks. the The cannabis growth cycle consists of four phases: Germination (3 to 10 days), seedling (2 to 3 weeks), vegetative (3 to 16 weeks) and finally culminating in flowering (6 to 12 weeks). Many new growers are unsure when is the best time to start flowering. Understandably, deciding when to flower cannabis and when to move your plants from the vegetative to the flowering stage is an important decision. Flowering too early will result in a lower overall harvest and too late can result in burnt buds.

If you think about it, everything about cannabis makes it a strange and unique plant. Cannabis not only belongs to the rare 7 percent of the plant species with male and female plants, but also has a vegetative and a flowering stage of growth! knowledge When to start flowering cannabis depends on several factors: Age, size in relation to your growth setup, load and more. Ultimately, no two grows are alike, and these techniques are more of a guideline than a hard rule. When you decide to start flowering cannabis is up to you. Generally, if you’re looking for a bigger yield, wait and start flowering later. Start flowering earlier for a faster harvest.

An important factor to consider before switching to flowering is the actual health of the plant. If the plant suffers, switching to flowering isn’t going to improve things or produce high quality flowers. The main purpose of the vegetative cycle is to build robust vegetation that will support the plants during their flowering. Treat diseases, curling leaves, and plant health issues before flowering. If your plants are in quite a dire straits, consider reducing your losses instead of trying to squeeze flowers out of them. It’s easier to try again with fresh plants.

Finally, we’ll go over the three flowering stages and optimal light cycles for flowering to help you decide when to start flowering your cannabis plants.

The four stages of flowering

As mentioned earlier, flowering is the final stage of cannabis growth. It’s also most rewarding when your work is accomplished in the literal coronation of resinous buds. Most strains bloom within 8 to 9 weeks, but some (typically sativas) can take longer. Consider the flowering time to be anywhere from 7-14 weeks.

Seasonal shifts with decreasing daylight from summer to autumn naturally initiate the flowering process of cannabis. For indoor plants, the process is triggered by reducing the amount of light they receive, typically to 12 hours. This is called the 12-12 cycle – 12 hours in the light, 12 hours in the dark. On average, 2 to 4 weeks of vegetation time is enough before flowering begins.

Pre-flowering phase (weeks 1-3)

In the pre-flowering phase, your girls will develop pistils (small white hairs). Once the pre-flowering phase begins, switch to the 12-12 light cycle. Keep in mind that (depending on the variety) your plant is likely to see significant growth beyond these early weeks of flowering. Pure sativas, in particular, can reach terminal heights of 6 feet and beyond. First-time growers should stay away from pure sativas, especially if they are grown indoors.

Early flowering (weeks 4-5)

The pistils continue to elongate and begin to look like more prickly spheres. Make sure your daytime temperatures are around 23 ° C at this point. You should also start trimming your plants regularly. Trimming allows the plant to focus on the flowering and the light can more easily reach the bud areas. As the plant progresses through the flowering phase, it is normal for more leaves to die off as it focuses on its buds. Prune these to ensure a healthy harvest.

Peak flowering (week 6 and later)

This is the point where you will see your plants’ distinctive colorful calyxes. It’s going to be hot and heavy! Not literally, however. At this stage, bud growth peaks. As your buds get heavier, consider propping up your stems if you see signs of strain. Also, keep the humidity stable at 45 percent to prevent bud rot – this could ruin your entire harvest.

Final flowering and maturation (week 7 and later)

In the final stage of flowering, the buds will take on that thick, sticky shell of trichomes that you know and love. These white pistils change color from white to amber and are a good indicator of when to harvest.


  • Know your burden! Height is important in determining how much space you will need for the final height of your plants.
  • Make sure to trim regularly to maintain plant health and focus on bud production.
  • Don’t spend a lot of time and effort tending diseased plants to health in order for them to bloom, throw in the towel and try again.
  • Pay attention to light and moisture. Switch to a 12-12 cycle in the pre-flowering phase and keep the humidity no higher than 45 percent to prevent bud rot.
  • The full flowering period can take between 7 and 14 weeks, depending on the variety.

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