Will Cuomo’s issues have an effect on hashish legalization in New York?

If you didn’t turn the news off, you know that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) was charged by three women with inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment and unsolicited contact. Reliable rumors also suggest that more will be added.

This follows a growing scandal over the apparent delay in disclosing information on nursing home deaths in New York during the height of the pandemic. Members of both parties are increasingly demanding that the 56th Governor of New York, who has been in office since 2011, resign or possibly face indictment by the democratically controlled New York legislature (although this is unlikely). In a statement today, he vowed not to resign. If he stays in office or leaves, a big question for the cannabis industry is what will happen to the recent weed legalization efforts in New York?

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The New York budget process must be completed by March 31, and through that process the parties have tried to legalize marijuana in 2019 and 2020 and now again in 2021. This year was different, everyone said. First, the state is in dire need of cash thanks to COVID, and taxes on weed sales, which are expected to exceed $ 300 million, would help. Second, as New Jersey passes adults in November and Connecticut and Pennsylvania try the same, there is growing pressure to avoid people leaving New York to buy weeds. However, until the scandals broke out, there were still pretty big differences between the governor and lawmakers in their negotiations.

If the governor doesn’t leave, his notorious political boast will be significantly reduced and he may be more willing to give in to some legislature demands for more social justice and control over where taxpayers’ money goes. Alternatively, they can focus entirely on fighting the scandals and just check out the process to see what can be harmful or deadly for legalization. However, in Wednesday’s statement, he said, “I will work with the Attorney General’s investigation and prepare the budget. We budgeted last spring in the heat of COVID where it was the most intense time of my life, the life of this government, the life of this state, and we’ve done both, and we’re going to do both here. “

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If he resigns, the little-known Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul the head of state (and, nice added bonus, the first governor of NY). Hochul grew up in New York State and is considered a moderate Democrat who has focused on issues such as women’s health and safety, although some say her views have become more progressive in recent years. In January, she interviewed Cheddar about its adult use effort. She called the legalization “long overdue” after the “failed cannabis ban”. She noted the “disproportionate impact [of prohibition] about color communities ”, in conclusion:“ Let’s do it. “As with our excitement over the long-awaited arrival of spring in 18 days, industry advocates remain confident.

David N. Feldman, Esq. is a partner in Hiller, PC, boutique law firm and Co-Founder and CEO of Skip Intro Advisors LLC. This article originally appeared on his blog and was republished with permission.

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