World Legislation and Enterprise Podcast: Hashish from Arizona with Ryan Hurley

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At Harris Bricken, we keep a close eye on what’s happening around the world, and we know our friends and customers do too. We’re excited to offer this podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international lawyers Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench, where we look at the world by talking to business leaders, innovators, service providers, manufacturers and government leaders around the world speak.

In episode 53 we are joined by Ryan Hurley, General Counsel at Copperstate Farms. the biggest Greenhouse cannabis producers in North America.

We are discussing:

  • What happens in Arizona after Proposition 207, which legalizes adult cannabis, is approved?
  • The profound changes in Arizona views of cannabis in recent years.
  • Copperstate Farms, the largest medical cannabis producer in the Southwest.
  • The interface between cannabis and environmental issues, including renewable energy.
  • What adult use legalization in Mexico will mean for the cannabis industry in Arizona and the rest of North America.
  • The macroeconomic climate in Arizona and why it is an attractive destination for those who are taking advantage of the remote working revolution.
  • Harris Bricken’s new office in Phoenix.
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See you next week for another exciting and informative episode when we talk to Nadège Rolland, Senior Fellow of the National Bureau of Asian Research, about China’s geopolitics.

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