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Subject: Updated list of pesticides approved for use in cannabis production

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) recently updated the list of pesticides approved for marijuana production in Washington State based on criteria previously set by the WSDA.

The WSDA has added six new Section 3 pesticides and ten new Section 25 (b) pesticides to the Approved Product List for a total of 16 new products. 21 Section 3 pesticides and 6 Section 25 (b) pesticides have been removed from the list. The updated list contains 241 Section 3 pesticides and 94 Section 25 (b) pesticides for a total of 335 products.

The WSDA’s list has two columns: (1) Section 3 pesticides that are subject to Worker Protection Standard (WPS) requirements, and (2) Section 3 pesticides that are only used by non-commercial marijuana growers (HG only) may be. The products labeled “Only HG = Yes” may only be used by people who are authorized to grow marijuana for medical purposes at home.

Products marked as “Only HG = Yes” may not be used for the commercial production of marijuana.

Spray aids are not included in the list. However, any spray aid labeled for use in food crops can be used with an approved pesticide applied to marijuana, provided the intended use is approved by the spray aid label. For example, a spray adjuvant that is labeled for use only with a herbicide cannot be used with an insecticide or fungicide. Information on spray aids registered for sale in Washington is available in the WSU PICOL database.

Please check your pesticide inventory against the list to ensure you are using an approved product. Marijuana growers can still use existing stocks of pesticides that have been removed from the list, but no new product can be purchased.

All pesticides added to the list contain active ingredients that have already been approved for marijuana production.

Some pesticides are labeled for use on soil or crops, while some pesticides are labeled for use on soil and crops (e.g. insecticides, fungicides). Other pesticides include herbicides that are labeled for direct application and control of undesirable plants (i.e. weeds). Remember to read, understand, and follow all applicable label directions and precautions when using pesticides.

Pesticides added: registration number

  1. Arcus plant growth regulator for seed treatment. EPA No. 84846-5
  2. See EPA No. 92144-2-70299
  3. Milstop SP EPA No. 68539-3
  4. Proof cold pressed neem oil EPA No. 88760-10
  5. Seican EPA No. 91473-2-88783
  6. Suppress Herbicide EC EPA No. 51517-9
  7. Earth’s Ally Disease Control No. 996600-20007
  8. Concentrate No. 996600-20008 to combat Earth’s ally disease
  9. Insect Control of Earth’s Allies No. 996600-20002
  10. Earth Allies Insect Control Concentrate No. 996600-21002
  11. GroSafe organic pesticide, miticide, fungicide No. 996330-20001
  12. Fungicide from Breeder Ally No. 996600-20005
  13. Ally of Breeder’s Fungicide Concentrate No. 996600-20006
  14. Grower’s Ally Spider Mite Control No. 996600-20001
  15. Breeder’s Confederate Spider Mite Control Concentrate No. 996600-20003
  16. Procidic C No. 999550-21002

Removes pesticides:

  1. Biological actino iron fungicide EPA No. 73314-2
  2. Biological fungicide Actinovate Ag EPA No. 73314-1
  3. Amicos EPA No. 91473-1
  4. Bayer Advanced Natria Disease Control RTU EPA No. 264-1161-72155
  5. Bayer Advanced Natria Insecticidal Soap RTU EPA No. 67702-21-72155
  6. Bayer Advanced Natria Neem Oil Concentrate EPA No. 67702-21-72155
  7. Carbon Power EPA No. 84846-2
  8. Accompanying liquid biological fungicide for Ag use EPA No. 71065-3
  9. Genesis Gib-4% EPA No. 55146-62-71089
  10. Gibgro 20% powder (gibberellic acid) EPA No. 55146-53
  11. Gibgro 4LS (4% liquid gibberellic acid) EPA No. 55146-62
  12. Grandevo PTO EPA No. 84059-17-87865
  13. Greencure EZ EPA No. 70870-3
  14. Omni Oil 6E EPA No. 5905-368
  15. Perox-Cide EPA No. 83103-1-43553
  16. Perpose Plus EPA No. 86729-1
  17. Preference biofungicide EPA No. 64137-5-68539
  18. Preferred Microbial Insecticide EPA No. 70051-19-67690
  19. Pyrenone Harvest Spray EPA No. 432-1033
  20. Regalia PTO EPA No. 84059-3-87865
  21. The Ecology Works Soluneem EPA No. 81899-4-67419
  22. Eco-Mite Plus Botanical Insecticide Miticide No. 74578-14001
  23. Eco-Mite Plus Botanical Insecticide Miticide Concentrate No. 74578-14002
  24. Eco PM Botanical Fungicide Concentrate No. 74578-13003
  25. Eco-PM Ready-to-use Botanical Fungicide No. 74578-13001
  26. Powdery mildew control No. 89943-15001
  27. Nematode Control No. 89943-13001

For the full list of pesticides approved for marijuana production, the criteria the WSDA used to compile the list, and information on nationwide stop-sale orders in Washington, please visit the WSDA website: https: // agr.wa. Government / Departments / Marijuana / Pesticide Use

For information on pesticide and fertilizer registration, please contact WSDA Pesticide and Fertilizer Registration

Email for pesticide registration: [email protected] Email for fertilizer registration: [email protected]

For information on compliance with the pesticide label, please contact WSDA Pesticide Compliance

If you have any further questions, please contact your Liquor and Cannabis Board law enforcement officer.

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