WSLCB Tier 1 Hashish Producer Survey Report Now Accessible – MJNews Community

WASHINGTON: As of December 2019, WSLCB has been considering revisions and new sections of the rules that would gradually expand the area for plant canopies permitted for Tier 1 licensed cannabis producers.

To understand the needs of Tier 1 licensees, LCB conducted two virtual Listen and Learn sessions on the subject and interviewed Tier 1 licensees.

The feedback was collected and analyzed. The results are now available in a report entitled “Tier 1 Cannabis Producer Licensee Survey Report” which was published on the LCB Current Rulemaking website.

Many thanks to the survey and Listen and Learn participants. The LCB values ​​and values ​​your time and input and looks forward to working with you on this and other rule development projects in the future.

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